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Dallingridge Coniston Electric Mountain Bike

Dallingridge Coniston Electric Mountain Bike

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Unleash the Trailblazer: Dallingride Coniston Electric Mountain Bike

Embark on a trail-blazing adventure with the Dallingride Coniston Electric Mountain Bike. Engineered for thrill-seekers and mountain conquerors, this rugged and powerful electric mountain bike is your ticket to tackling challenging terrains with confidence.

Powerful Performance for Every Ascent:

The robust alloy crossbar frame, integrated with a 14Ah 36V battery, forms the backbone of this mountain conqueror. The 250W 36V rear hub motor delivers the punch you need to ascend the steepest slopes effortlessly.

Suntour Suspension Fork for Unmatched Comfort:

Navigate rough trails with ease, thanks to the Suntour suspension fork offering 80mm of travel. It absorbs shocks and ensures a smooth ride, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the trail.

Tailored for Trail Mastery the Shimano 7-Speed Gearing: 

Conquer diverse landscapes with precision using the Shimano 7-speed gearing system. Effortlessly switch gears with the Shimano TY-300D rear derailleur for a customizable riding experience.

Long-Lasting Power for Extended Adventures:

The 14Ah 36V frame-integrated battery ensures you have the power to explore the trails for extended periods, providing a reliable source of energy for your mountain conquests. Capable of up to 50 miles per full charge!

Confident Descents with JAK Mechanical Disc Brakes:

Enjoy controlled descents with confidence, courtesy of the JAK mechanical disc brakes equipped with 160mm rotors. Reliable braking power for every twist and turn, bump and jump on the trail.

 All-Terrain Dominance with CST All Terrains:
Conquer any surface with the CST All Terrains, 27.5" x 2.10" tires. These rugged companions provide traction and stability, ensuring you stay in command of the trail.

Ignite your passion for mountain adventures with the Dallingride Coniston Electric Mountain Bike—where power, precision, and the thrill of the trail converge.

    Technical Specification

    Frame: Alloy Crossbar, Battery Integrated
    Fork: Suntour Suspension Fork, 80mm
    Motor: 250w 36v, Rear Hub
    Battery: 14Ah 36v, Frame Integral
    Display: LCD, Handlebar Mounted
    Brakes: JAK MEchanical Disc, 160mm
    Handlebar: Zoom MTB
    Stem: A-Head, Alloy
    Gearing: Shimano 7 Speed
    Rear Derailleur: Shimano TY-300D
    Wheels: 27.5″ Alloy
    Tyres: CST All Terrains, 27.5″ x 2.10″
    Extras: Chainguard, Kickstand

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