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Dallingride Diablo Electric Mountain Bike

Dallingride Diablo Electric Mountain Bike

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Conquer the Peaks: Dallingridge Diablo Electric Mountain Bike
Introducing the Dallingridge Diablo—an electric mountain bike designed for those who crave the adrenaline of challenging trails and the power to conquer any ascent. Unleash the beast within as you navigate rugged terrains with this formidable 17" Integrated Battery Alloy frame.
Powerful and Agile Performance For an Affordable Price!

Motor Mastery: The 250W 36V Rear Hub motor ensures a dynamic and powerful performance, propelling you through the toughest trails with ease.

🔋 Compact Powerhouse:
Integrated 7.8Ah LG Cells: The sleek integration of the 7.8Ah LG Cells within the frame not only provides efficient power but also maintains the Diablo's streamlined aesthetics.

Trail Dominance with Front Suspension:
Front Suspension MTB Fork: Elevate your ride with the front suspension MTB fork, absorbing shocks and enhancing control on challenging terrains, ensuring every descent is a thrill.

Striking LED Display:
LED w/ 3 Power Assist Modes: The vibrant LED display offers clear visibility, allowing you to toggle effortlessly between three power assist modes, adapting to the demands of your trail.

Control in Every Turn:
Alloy V-Brakes: The Diablo is equipped with responsive Alloy V-Brakes on both front and rear, ensuring precise control and confident stopping power when needed.

Versatile Alloy Straight Bar Handling:
Embrace agility and control with the Alloy Straight Bar, providing a responsive and versatile handling experience on the Diablo.

Shimano 6-Speed Precision:
Navigate the trails with precision using the Shimano 6-speed gearing system, allowing for seamless transitions and efficient climbs.

Compact and Nimble Design:
Weighing in with a balance of power and agility, the Diablo's 26in x 2.125 MTB wheels ensure nimble navigation through technical terrains.

The Dallingridge Diablo Electric Mountain Bike is not just a ride—it's a dynamic force that redefines what's possible on the trail. 

Technical Specification 

Frame: 17" Integrated Battery Alloy
Fork: Front Suspension MTB Fork
Motor: 250w 36v Rear Hub
Battery: 7.8Ah LG Cells - Frame Integrated
Display: LED w/ 3 Power Assist Modes
Brakes: Alloy V-Brakes Front & Rear
Handlebars: Alloy, Straight Bar
Stem: A-Head, Alloy
Gearing: Shimano 6 Speed
Mudguards: Steel, Gloss Black
Wheels: 26in x2.125 MTB
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