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Cruzaa Electric Bike - Built In Speaker & Bluetooth

Cruzaa Electric Bike - Built In Speaker & Bluetooth

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Elevate Your Ride, Where Style Meets Power.

Introducing the Cruzaa E-Bike—a seamless blend of style and power, designed for the ultimate riding experience. Whether it's daily commutes, scaling promenades, exploring parks & trails, or just cruising cool, this e-bike is your perfect companion.

Perfectly Proportioned:

The Cruzaa E-Bike boasts a sleek design with dimensions perfectly tailored for comfort and style: 1590 x 1015 x 595mm. Ride in elegance while reaching top speeds of 25 km/h (15.5 mph), covering distances of 50-60 km (up to 37 miles) on a single charge! 

The Cruzaa E-Bike ensures a thrilling and efficient journey every time.

🔊 Bluetooth with Speakers:

Immerse yourself in your favorite tunes as you ride, thanks to the built-in Bluetooth speakers. Enjoy a personalized soundtrack to accompany you on your promenades and adventures.

Convenience & Stability:

Navigate with confidence on 20" wheels that provide stability and control. Charge up and get back on your journey swiftly with a short 3-4 hour charging time. 

Electric Power Assist and 3-Speed Gears:

Enjoy the perfect balance of pedal power and electric assistance with the electric power assist feature. Cruise effortlessly with 3-speed gears, adapting to various terrains with eaze.

Digital LCD Display (IPX4):

Stay informed with the digital LCD display. Monitor your speed, battery life, and settings at a glance, ensuring a seamless and controlled ride.

Don't panic in wet conditions, the Cruzaa is designed for it all! The rain won't stop you!

Disk Brake System for Precision:

Take control of your ride with the disk brake system. Ensure precise and reliable braking, adding an extra layer of safety to your cycling adventures.

Lightweight Yet Sturdy:

Weighing in at just 16.5 kg, the Cruzaa E-Bike effortlessly combines lightweight design with sturdy construction. Carry a maximum weight of 150 kg, accommodating various rider sizes.

Technical Specification 

Size of Byke:
1590 x 1015 x 595mm
Top Speed
25 km/h (15.5 mph)
Total Distance/Max Range:
50 – 60 km (Up to 37 miles)
Bluetooth with Speakers
Wheel Size
Charge Time:
3 – 4 hours
Electric Power Assist
Rated Power:
240 w / 36 v
Water Resistant
Yes – IPX4
Digital LCD Display
Detachable Battery
3 Speed Gears
Disk Brake System
Total Weight:
16.5 kg
Holds A Max Weight Of:
150 kg

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