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Gorille - Cruiser X Bar

Gorille - Cruiser X Bar

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A Symphony of Style, Comfort, and Unrivalled Performance

Embark on a journey where premium comfort meets distinctive style with the Gorille Cycles Electric Beach Cruiser. Crafted for those who demand the extraordinary, this Californian Fat-Tyre beach cruiser redefines elegance, blending the allure of a classic design with the power of cutting-edge technology.

Glide along beach fronts, climbing sand dunes that your legs refuse!
Cruise through city streets turning heads with this one of a kind E-Bike.

Powerful Electric Motor and Long-lasting Battery:

Feel the rush of the BAFANG Brushless High-Speed Electric Motor (48V 750W, 110Nm) in the rear hub, delivering an ultra-robust performance. The Li-ion Battery (Made in France SAMSUNG 48V 20.4Ah, 980Wh) ensures a remarkable range of up to 130 km. This battery boasts a 60% minimum residual capacity even after 30,000 km of exhilarating rides.

Fast Charging and Unparalleled Autonomy:

Charge up with the 100-240V 3A Smart Charger, ensuring a full charge in 4-6 hours. With a maximum assistance speed of 45 km/h and autonomy up to 130 km, the Gorille Electric Beach Cruiser is engineered to redefine the boundaries of coastal exploration.

Distinguished Design and Superior Craftsmanship:

The 6061 Aluminium Frame sets the stage for a sleek and robust foundation. Paired with a ZOOM Steel Fork and featuring a Californian beach cruiser design, this electric bike stands as an icon of refined aesthetics and durability.

Smart Features for Intelligent Riding:

Navigate effortlessly with the Waterproof and Reinforced Wiring Harness designed for rugged beach use. The backlit colour LCD display provides real-time information on battery level, autonomy, speed, and assistance levels. The Gorille Electric Beach Cruiser even offers a starting assistant without pedalling via a thumb trigger, allowing you to launch the bike up to 6 km/h without exerting force.

Command the Beach with Fat Tires:

Equipped with Double Wall FAT Aluminium Rims and KENDA Juggernaut Tires measuring 26*4.0, conquer sandy shores and coastal trails with unmatched stability and control. Let the fat tires glide effortlessly over the beach terrain, providing a luxurious riding experience.

Precision Braking and Safety First:

Front and Rear TEKTRO Hydraulic Disc Brakes, complemented by Aluminium TEKTRO Brake Levers with automatic cut-off, ensure responsive and reliable braking. Ride with confidence, knowing that safety is at the forefront of every journey.

Effortless Gearing and Smooth Shifting:

SHIMANO Alivio 9-speed derailleur, SHIMANO SIS shifter, and a rust-resistant KMC chain deliver seamless gear transitions. Experience the joy of effortless pedalling as you navigate the beachfront with precision.

Luxurious Comfort and Adjustable Features:

Tailored for a premium riding experience, the Gorille Beach Cruiser features an Adjustable ZOOM Steel Handlebar, Adjustable ZOOM Aluminium Stem, and a Soft and Comfortable Saddle. The Alu PROMAX seat post, suspended and gas-damped, further enhances your comfort on every ride.

Elevate Your Night Rides:

Illuminate your path with Front & Rear Spanninga LED Headlights (>10Lux) and Brown Couture Style Handles with Integrated Protection. Ride in style, day or night, with an electric bike designed to captivate attention.

Where Style Meets Power on the Coastal Horizon!

Technical Specification 

  • 6061 Aluminium Frame
  • ZOOM Steel Fork
  • Double wall FAT aluminum rims with CNC hubs
  • KENDA Juggernaut tires dimensions 26*4.0
  • Front and rear TEKTRO hydraulic disc brakes
  • Aluminium TEKTRO brake levers with automatic cut-off
  • WELLGO City Aluminium Pedals
  • SHIMANO Alivio 9-speed derailleur
  • Shimano SIS shifter
  • SHIMANO Aluminium Crown
  • KMC chain anti-rust treatment
  • Adjustable ZOOM Steel Handlebar
  • Adjustable ZOOM Aluminum Stem
  • Soft and comfortable saddle
  • Alu PROMAX seat post suspended and gas-damped
  • Front & rear Spanninga LED headlight > 10Lux
  • Brown Couture Style handles with integrated protection
  • Doorbell BAFANG Brushless high speed electric motor 48V 750W 110Nm in the rear hub, ultra robust
  • Li-ion battery Made in France SAMSUNG 48V 20.4Ah 980Wh cells, 60% minimum residual capacity after 30,000 km
  • Waterproof and reinforced wiring harness for rugged use on the beach
  • Speed ​​sensor Pedal box for managing electric assistance
  • Controller and central backlit colour LCD display showing battery level, autonomy, speed, and assistance level management (5 levels available)
  • Starting assistant Without pedalling via thumb trigger allowing you to launch the Gorilla without forcing yourself, up to 6 km/h
  • 100-240V 3A Smart Charger - Full Charge in 4-6 Hours
  • Starting by key (double supplied)
  • Maximum assistance speed of 45 km/h Autonomy Up to 130 km depending on the battery option, the level of assistance, the altitude difference, the wind, the weight of the pilot + Gorilla assembly, etc.
  • Total weight 32kg
  • Full 24 month warranty
  • Maximum load 200kg
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