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AM Cargo Electric Bike - Ultimate Curve Cargo Tricycle

AM Cargo Electric Bike - Ultimate Curve Cargo Tricycle

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Providing versatility, the AMCargo Ultimate Curve Electric Tricycle—a powerful and stylish cargo trike designed to redefine urban mobility. From short trips to extended adventures, this matte black marvel is the epitome of innovation, comfort, and reliability.

Perfect for every day haulage around your local town or city. Ditch the traffic & fossil fuels, do your bit in helping the the target of net zero.

Have lots of parcels & personal goods to carry but not enough hands ? or bags & bags of groceries from the local super market ? or maybe you have to so the kids school run ?then The AMCargo Ultimate Curve is the one for you. It's large open top cargo box with it's bench style seating & safety belts, really make it the ideal choice for filling your needs.

Innovative Steering System:

The newest "Anti-Tilt" patented steering/handlebar system, equipped with a self-straightening adjusting function, enhances manoeuvrability, making every turn effortless and automatically straightening for ease of use.

Electronic "Walking Mode":

Seamlessly transition to walking mode by holding down a button on the display, allowing the tricycle to drive at up to 5 km/h—an ideal feature for navigating crowded spaces or leisurely strolls.

Powerful and Silent Motor:

The robust 250W brushless engine, featuring the latest "Low-Energy Consumption & No Noise" technology, propels the tricycle to a maximum speed of 25 km/h, delivering a quiet and efficient ride.

🔋 Long-Lasting Battery with Turbo Charger:

The 36V, 13Ah Li-ion battery, equipped with an anti-theft lock and CE, GS, and TUV approvals, offers an impressive range of up to 45 miles. The intelligent TURBO charger ensures reduced charging time and stops charging when the battery is fully charged.

Smooth Shimano Gear System:

Navigate effortlessly with the 7 external Shimano Tourney gears and a Shimano front gear shifter, providing a wide range of options for varied terrains and riding preference.

🛑 Safe and Responsive Braking:

Tektro/Bengal hydraulic brakes on both the front and rear, combined with an electric brake system and a parking brake, guarantee precise and reliable braking for enhanced safety.

Durable and Puncture-Resistant Tires:

The 20" strong anti-puncture Kenda tires in the front and 26" in the back, along with aluminium wheels and heavy-duty stainless spokes, ensure a smooth and puncture-resistant ride.

Generous Loading Capacity:

With a loading capacity of 150 kg, spacious box dimensions of 91 x 59 cm and weighing 47 kg and measuring 218 x 84 x 122 cm the AMCargo Ultimate Curve accommodates your cargo needs with ease.

Your Journey, Your Way.

Accessories included:

  • 2x Power LED headlights & 1x rear light
  • High quality front and rear fenders
  • Luggage rack with straps
  • Chain cover
  • bell

Technical Specification

Colour: Matte Black Frame (5 Treatments Containing: Paint, Lacquering, Antirust Treatment and Anti-Slip Seal)
Steering: Newest” Anti-Tilt” Patented Steering/Handlebar System with Self- Straightens Adjusting Function. Makes it Super Easy to Turn and Steer, Straightens Automatically
Display: Easy and User-Friendly COLOR Digital LCD Display with USB Charger Output
Frame: Anti-Tilt Patented Steering/Handlebar System with Self-Straightens Adjusting Function. Makes it Super Easy to Turn and Steer, Straightens Automatically.
Electronic “Walking mode”: Hold Down a Button on the Display and the Bike Drives up to 5km/h.
Motor: Powerful and Robust 250W Brushless Engine with Latest “Low-Energy Consumption & No Noise” Technology and Provides up to a Maximum of 25 km/h at the Highest Speed Level and of Course CE Approved.
Battery: 36V, 13 Ah Li-ion battery – 468WH – Anti-theft lock (CE, GS and TUV approved).
Charger: Intelligent TURBO charger, with reduced charging time and stops charging when the battery is fully charged, CE, GS & TÜV approved.
Gear: 7 External Shimano Tourney(SIS) Gear With Freewheel and a Shimano Front Gear Shifter.
Brakes: Tektro / Bengal Hydraulic Brakes with Electric Brake System + Parking Brake
Front wheels: 20″ Strong Anti-Puncture Kenda Tires with Reflection Line.
Back wheel: 26″ Strong Anti-Puncture Kenda Tire with Reflection Line.
Rims: Aluminium Wheels Heavy Duty Stainless Spokes.
Loading capacity: 150 kg.
Box dimensions: 91 x 59 cm. (L X W)
Weight: 47 kg.
Dimensions: 218 x 84 x 122cm. (L X W X H).
Battery Range: 13Ah 36v – Up to 45 Miles

Please Note: All AMCargo models require a delivery time of 21 days to allow for assembly.

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